There's good reason to hire our team. RESULTS.

What's The Hughes Group Team Difference?

Five realtors are better than one.

Why five? We get this question a lot and we welcome it. The great benefit to you – the homeowner or prospective homeowner – is that with The Hughes Group Team, you get five times the availability, five times the expertise, and five times the energy and passion from a team that works hard to achieve results for you. We assign a team of five realtors to you instead of one, because five realtors deliver better results than one! Think about one realtor trying to be in multiple places at once. Something’s got to give and it shouldn’t be YOUR showing – but it might!

We believe you should never be at the mercy of the availability or responsiveness of just one realtor. Our team is at five places at a time, leveraging the expertise of each realtor for expediting the listing processes, conducting effective showings, preparing paperwork, and ultimately attending the closing. After all, it is all about getting you to that closing. That is the goal. We call it delivering results.

Buying or selling a home are among the biggest decisions most of us make in a lifetime. Rest assured, we are fully committed to always making your real estate journey as pleasant, exciting, and as successful as possible!